Friday, August 18, 2006

Welcome to my dead blog! Priorities, Priorities!

Dear awaiting reader,
Hello there! Welcome to my dead blog! As it happens, life has been very busy. I was in Peru for awhile doing archaeology, and visiting inlaws, and I had very sporadic and slow internet access. Now I am back at Mesa Verde, doing archaeology, and actually trying to knock down some writing projects related to, archaeology! And so the point of this post is to let my many anticipating readers (joke!) know that I need to be writing up papers and reports and research proposals on ARCHAEOLOGY. That is, I should only be thinking and reading only about ARCHAEOLOGY! At least for the immediate future.

So there you have it. No time to blog on contemporary ethics, politics, religion, philosophy or anything else that doesn't relate directly to ARCHAEOLOGY!

On second thought, I think I will post a review of Bruce Trigger's collection of articles entitled Artifacts and Ideas to this blog. Also I will soon post some thoughts and rantings on the failure of Darwinian/Selectionist Archaeology that was part of a larger review of the book Social Theory in Archaeology edited by Michael Schiffer. So stay tuned. This blog will remain alive, but will have to be focused on ARCHAEOLOGY! At least for awhile!

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